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Freight costs and handling fees will be based on local rates for shipping and then added to the final cost.  All applicable taxes imposed by federal, state or local laws will be applied to the purchase. Costs for additional requested services such as expedited processing and shipping will apply to the final cost.


Products that can be returned:

  • New/unused products

  • Products damaged during transit 

  • Defective products

  • Custom Cutting Boards cut to the incorrect size

  • Custom Cutting Boards with incorrect edges/corners

Products that cannot be returned: 

  • Products that have come into contact with food (violation of health regulations for us to accept)

  • Used products that have been cut on 

  • Products that were ordered more than 30 days ago 

  • Products with no proof of purchase

  • Custom Cutting Boards that are cut correctly, with the correct material, and with correct edges and corners


Credit / Debit Cards


Shipping Policy
Return Policy
Payment Methods
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