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100% Made in the USA + Built to Last: Our product was designed in California and crafted from hand selected maple in Minnesota. Your board comes fully finished and complete with a reusable aluminum tray for catching juices as well as a free set of cleaning brushes. The dimensions are 20 x 16 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches with a weight of 11 pounds.

Juice Catching Cutting Board

  • The surface of the board is slightly concave with strategically placed holes allowing gravity to effortlessly catch every drop of juice, from the first cut, to the last. The aluminum tray fits perfectly centered, beneath the board so you can utilize the juices for sauces and gravy.


Size & Quality

Big enough for the Thanksgiving Turkey. This board can handle any size project.  We set out to invent the best cutting board and that means being functional and elegant. Other competitors are made from wood fiber and plastic while ours is made from edge grain maple and aluminum.

Raw Vegetables

Prep & Serve

Our goal when designing this cutting board was to unite aesthetics with functionality. The carved-in handles on the side make you feel like a TV chef when presenting your Thanksgiving Turkey. The built-in tray makes for easy prep. And the trademarked juice catching holes eliminate the potential for spills.


Knife Friendly

The maple we source is the best wood for your knives. Using plastic, stone, glass, or other woods will dull your knives quicker than if you use maple. The Juice Catching Cutting Board gives you the ideal cutting surface, not only for the food you cut, but also for the tools you use to cut. 

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