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Why the Best Cutting Board is a Custom Cutting Board

It isn't a matter of bias, persuasion, or marketing, it is simply a matter of fact, that a custom cutting board is the best kind of cutting board. Traditional cutting boards, from the hardwood types, that mar or dull knives to the composite types that simply don't stand the test of time, can't compete with custom cutting boards. The best cutting board will always be custom, literally by design and because of quality.


When it comes to the best of the best, however, I offer the Juice Catching Cutting Board, because it delivers practicality, design, and longevity for it and your knives. How many cutting boards can make that boast? That's because there is only one Juice Catching Cutting Board and it will improve your kitchen, your cooking, and your enjoyment of preparing your favorite foods.


The Juice Catching Cutting Board starts with the highest quality material before the benefits of its amazing design are even realized. That is from the quality stock of fine maple wood, which provides durability and has proven to be among the most gentle of surfaces for knives. This means a cutting board that will last, for generations and a cutting board that will add years and uses to your best knives.


Then there is the unique and unparalleled design of the Juice Catching Cutting Board, making it both practical and easier to clean up. These are just advantages that custom cutting boards offer and benefits that standard traditional and typical flat cutting boards can't. These are a few of the many benefits of the Juice Catching Cutting Board, and it doesn't have an equal.

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