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Are the Best Cutting Boards Wood Cutting Boards?

What kind of cutting board is the best cutting board? Should you look for glass cutting boards, plastic, or wood cutting boards? It is a fair question, and a cutting board does make a difference. So let's take a quick look at the most common cutting board options.


Glass cutting boards aren't as common as the others, but that could be attributed to the fact that glass cutting boards are also the least durable among the others. Plastic cutting boards offer more durability, but they can develop grooves from knives and like glass, will dull your knives as well. Those cuts in plastic cutting boards can also be a haven for a variety of fun-loving bacteria.


Wood cutting boards offer the best of both worlds, with durability and less harm to our cutlery. Wood cutting boards made of the finest quality edge grain maple, as you'll find in our Juice Catching Cutting Board, is a difference you will feel and notice, and so will your knives. Our cutting board is also American made and is custom-designed to maximize run-off to keep your cutting surface dry and clean.


Are the best cutting boards wood cutting boards? The short and simple answer is yes. Our maple cutting board, however, is more than a cutting board made of the most knife-friendly wood, it is also designed to perform. The best cutting board is wood, but our Juice Catching Cutting Board has no rival, and is the wood cutting board for every job in your kitchen.

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