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"Our mission is to bring the finest functional cutting board to the market using the best available materials and craftsmanship. We want you to have an excellent experience when carving your beef, chicken, salsa or turkeys. The Juice Catching Cutting Board will help you elevate your results and presentation while eliminating messes."

~Robert Sheldon, Inventor & Owner

What Satisfied Customers are Saying

Adrienne Prince

Highly recommend!

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This is a quality made product, beautiful wood and a perfect addition to any kitchen. It is sturdy and easy to use. The tray that traps the juices slides out easily and can hold quite a bit of liquid. 

Rochelle Ferrari

It is a must have!

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The board is beautifully crafted and a true work of art; a conversation piece in any kitchen. The Juice Catching Cutting Board masterfully captures the product trinity of functionality, quality, and beauty.

Tina Altuzarra

I will heartily recommend this to friends and family!

See my review>

 It is a very well made cutting board! It works really well at keeping juices from running all over my counter. I’m extremely happy with it! I will heartily recommend this to friends and family.


This is America's cutting board. Designed in California and handcrafted in Minnesota, prepare your 4th of July BBQ feast on the one and only Juice Catching Cutting Board.


Who needs a middle man? For your convenience, our boards are available online, ready to be shipped directly to you, our new best friend. This way you don't have to pay any unnecessary retail markups. Now you can have the best cutting board on the market without ever leaving your home.


Other companies have tried to solve the problem of messy juice overflow with tiny, ineffective grooves along the outer edge of their boards. Our design is unique and "cutting edge" Haha! Say goodbye to messes.

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